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Updates and breaking news constantly change in the world of Television. It keeps us not only up to date but gives everyone the chance to witness news and history as it happens. Scandals are brought to our attention instantly, assassinations shock us and Hollywood mess ups are harder to hide than ever before. Major breaking news stories are on screen around the globe within seconds and crimes are felt more intense by the world.

With access to news from around the world, those that stay in our minds are the world scandals, including even the heir to the throne of England, Prince Charles and Prince Harry. The murder of young Sarah Payne shocked the world and led to the publication of sex offender’s names from the outrage it caused with readers. Max Mosley received a settlement of $92,000 after he went to court when a video was released and the court ruled in his favor. There are many scandals that have shocked us over the years and there are just a few.

Volkswagen made headlines when they masked pollution results of their diesel cars that were 40 times over the accepted limit, then was back in the news for immobilizers that had basic encryption that made it easier for thieves to steal cars without keys. The Lexus ES350 was only recalled after a family of 4 lost their lives due to a floor mat that trapped its accelerator. GM’s faulty ignition took over 90 lives and caused 163 injuries before a $35 million fine saw the recall of the defective vehicles.

Sports stars that made the news include Oscar Pistorius, the runner who was known as the gunner, after shooting model Reeva Steenkamp at his home on Valentine’s Day in 2013. He got a 5-year sentence and was released after doing a tenth of the time. Pistorius was known as the blade runner and was an international Paralympic athlete. The winter Olympic of 2002 first made news when evidence was revealed that the IOC members took bribes to keep the Winter Olympics in America and then for the gold medal at the same Olympics that went to French participants when judges confessed being under pressure to vote for the participants, who did not deliver a perfect routine.

Terrorist attacks never fail to shock the world and include the suicide bombing and hostages taken in Paris. Over 130 innocent people died and 368 was injured. This was the deadliest attack on World War II and France was already on high alert after the attacks in January. The Twin Tower attacks took the lives of 3,000 and 10,000 people were injured. Over 230 million calls jammed phone lines. Where the towers once were is a museum holding 10,000 artifacts and other documents related to the 911 attack.

Hollywood actor tragedies include the suicide of Robin Williams and the build up to it as told by sources who was close to the well-loved actor. Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s decease and fans were shocked after the tragic event. Amy Winehouse died at age 27 the young star won 5 Grammy rewards and battled alcohol addiction.

The Ashley Madison Hackings revealed that the site had 31 million members, of the accounts 24 million had valid emails and 12 million accounts had fake email addresses. The revealing of names resulted in suicides. Further investigations also revealed passwords on accounts and it was discovered that some of the female profiles were fake and created to attract men to the site.