Ashley Madison & Hackings Revealed

Did the Ashley Madison hack revealed more than just names many asked and so many are still not getting the real impact behind the lying and cheating. Huge misconceptions are that the hacking of the site destroyed millions of relationships. That is as far from the truth as you would ever get, the relationships ended the day people joined the website. From that second until the point where both partners found out the truth, these couples were living in different realities. The leak repaired some of the rupture and game most couples a chance to recommence their relationships.

Members Felt Cheated

Members felt that although cheating is wrong, it was invading their privacy and their private lives were taken away. The risk was considered when they signed up and gave their credit card numbers, this was leaving a trail behind that could be discovered by anyone. Many rushed off to the site to check if their partner was registered and was happy to find they were not registered. That is another horrible sign that your relationship is unhealthy and that you needed proof of your partner’s commitment. Plus if your partner did join, would he or she have used their correct email address, would you go through all the hassle to be private and use your mail address known to all?

Over 24 Million Accounts Affected

Over 24 million accounts had valid email addresses and 12 million accounts did not as the Ashley Madison site did not verify email accounts. 31 million accounts were registered as men and 5 million as women, there were about one in four accounts listed as single, so not everyone was there to cheat on a partner as some were using the site to set up threesomes with their spouses.

Ashley Madison1

A minister in Mississippi ended his life within a week after he was revealed as a user on the Ashley Madison site. His body was found by his wife and a note touched on the sites recent breach by hackers. His letter talked about depression, his name on the site and how sorry he was. There was also three suicides in Texas. When mistakes were found in the way the website was encrypted, 11 million passwords were uncovered. A USA Baptist pastor whose name were exposed committed suicide six days later, Canadian police said that at least two more deaths were linked to the leak of Ashley Madison.

Hackers also revealed that the site created fake female profiles to attract men and it seems the $19 fee charged $19 for full deletion of services and privacy protection was not the only fib. Fake accounts were run in the investigation of the site called WhiteLabelDating and the investigators told the Washington Post that if pseudos’ did not fulfil the desires of men, would no keep signing up. The hackers also revealed locations of users and in Auckland there were 22861 users, 11126 in Wellington, 11048 in Christchurch and 4634 in Dunedin. Over 8 mail addresses were linked to schools in New Zealand, 32 accounts linked to government agencies, including an account for Prime Minister John Key, which was said to be fake. In Toronto was the highest number of users at more than 220,982 people or 8.6% of the population. Canadians made up about 6 percent of the global users.