Crimes That Made World News

In October 2015 Gabino Otero was finally accused of sexual assault on a thirteen-year-old girl when he was 24. The victim died in 2012 long before enough evidence could be gathered to charge Otero. This story began in 2010 when a women reported that her 13-year-old daughter had run away, among the locations she gave where she could be found was the house in Kalamath Street. It was hours later when the police were called to the Swedish Hospital in an alleged assault and they soon discovered that it was teen reported missing.

Gabino Otero

The girl did spend from Friday to Sunday night at the Kalamath address an on the last evening she felt strange after drinking soda, then passed out an woke up with pain and it was concluded that she was sexually assaulted. The test done proved to be the key in this lengthy investigation. The girl’s friend told police that the victim met Gabino in March and he claimed to be sixteen at the time, the friend told police the victim slept over at Otero and told her she was falling for him. After the victim’s friend had revealed that Otero asked the victim to go home and that she insisted on staying, the story told to police about the orange soda was withdrew as well as the implication that she was drugged. She died in 2012 due to a brain tumor and it took till 2015 for police to get all the information to charge Otero, the girl fell pregnant and after the abortion, the fetus was placed into the property of the bureau. Otero will be tried in Denver.

Kurt Sonnenfeld

Former FEMA photographer, Kurt Sonnenfeld was charged with his wive’s murder in 2002 and he claimed the government was complicit in the 911 World Trade Centre attacks, in November 2015 the Argentina Supreme Court approved his deportation to Denver. It was over ruled and Sonnenfeld will now remain in Argentina. His wife Nancy died after been shot in her temple, he claimed she killed herself but the shooting was labeled by investigators as a homicide and Sonnenfeld is arrested for 1st degree murder.

Former FEMA photographer, Kurt Sonnenfeld

More evidence was found on his computer, in which he was telling fellow inmates that his wife was angered about his affairs and drag abuse and that they had a fight prior to the shooting. His second wife still remains hopeful that Argentina will honor his freedom but former Colorado Governor Bill Owens believes that Sonnenfeld is using the 911 tragedy to keep himself from facing justice for her death.

Thomas Johnson

The wife of the Dallas jogger who was hacked to death was found by police after she committed suicide, he was killed by former Texas football player Thomas Johnson, Stevens was married to Patti for 25 years before he was murdered during his morning run. Patti Stevens struggle to sleep and eat after her husband was killed and police found her a week later in their garage. Johnson admitted to the murder, he is said to be schizophrenic and became delusional and resisted help. It were a dad story and became even sadder when the widow took her own life in their garage. Her late husband’s college alerted the police when she failed to answer the phone.