Major Breaking News 2015

Disputes between two groups in New Orleans escalated into the shooting of 16 people, it took place after about 500 people gathered to film a music video. Police reported that the video was being made without permission or a permit to use the park and added that police was underway to break up the crowd when the shooting occurred. They were only a block away at the time and could hear the gunshots.


In a video release an ISIS terrorist have vowed that they will strike America at its center. The video clip starts off with footage of the Paris massacre and a series of ISIS members screaming angrily into the camera. On the video, a terrorist also refers to the attacks in Paris and said that the message was aimed at the French President Francois Hollande. Credit for the clip was claimed by ISIS members based in Salahuddine. In the Paris attack, 129 people lost their lives, the worst attack since World War II.

Paris massacre

In Brussels extended maximum security is on as the manhunt for the Islamic suspect continues. Schools might reopen on Wednesday. Armed police and troops are now patrolling the street of Brussels, which brings the Paris attacks even more home to the residents. Other services closed down included the underground rail system that was shut down on Friday night, hotels and restaurant catering to tourists are worried and keeps on high alert. Some simply closed, the attacks goes much further than Paris and residents in Brussels live in fear. Potential targets are public transport, shopping streets, and shopping malls.

Economic Plan

The economic pain includes museums, metro, and cinemas that stayed shut in a city of 1.2 million, citizens have opted to work from home, while almost 300,000 students have no university and school. The EU institutions with 21,000 employees were open with soldiers patrolling outside. The attacks influence the whole country and the stock exchange initially dipped, but have recovered, smaller companies focussing on Belgium business are more effected than those concentrating on international customers.

While gas prices are reported to fall below $2 for thanksgiving a US travel alert and warning was issued. It cautions people to rethink moving to countries where there might be a civil war, violent crime, frequent terrorist attacks, the warning ask travelers to reconsider strongly not going to them at all. After a picture was posted on Twitter a South African mother vehemently denied that her son could have been one of the ISIS fighters.


US warplanes were reported to have destroyed 283 fuel tankers in Eastern Syria which were used to transport oil to assist ISIS. David Cameron said that he would seek approval from the parliament to join the US in their airstrikes against ISIS. Security will be strict over thanksgiving with New York confirming that heightened alert that can be expected at tunnels, rail facilities and at Newark, LaGuardia, and John F Kennedy airports. Surveys indicate that 46.9 million Americans will journey during thanksgiving and airlines will see a boost and an expected 2.1 million passengers could travel between the 20th to the 30th of November.