Unexpected Assassinations

Recent assassinations and attempted assassinations that have made global news includes include Ahmed Adeeb who are charged with terrorism after a plot to kill the president. He is the second vice president to be impeached in a period of three months. As the Maldives vice president, he was accused of being involved with the planning of killing President Abdulla Yameen. A state emergency was declared and thankfully the president was not hurt in the explosion. Although the FBI’s investigation failed to find evidence that the blast was caused by a bomb on September the 28th, 2015.

Boris Nemtsov

February 2015, the murder of leader Boris Nemtsov marks the escalation of Russian regime war on all its opponents. Nemtsov’s death indicated the end of exemption for former government officials who are no longer in favor with the Putin’s government. It also proves that no one is same and outspoken opponent Nemtsov knew the risks. Earlier in February he humiliated anti-governmental involvement.

Boris Nemtsov

Adding insult to injury is the announcement by Putin that he would oversee the investigation into the death of Nemtsov and same say, it would be done in the same way he promised justice in 2004 in the gang-style shooting of Paul Klebnikov and the 2006 murder of Anna Politkovskaya. But no one believes Putin and do believe that there was no possibility that he was ever the target of a random killing, but the assassination communicates a clear message about Kremlin’s political standing.


In October 2015 JFK was back in the news and it was revealed that the CIA director covered up the detail about his assassination. Its 50 years after his death and the CIA released a report that was secret that suggests senior officials of the CIA were complicit in covering up vital information.


It was McCone who withheld the CIA plots to assassinate Fidel Castro, this information that was withheld led to the commission not asking whether Oswald had Cuban accomplices. The report provides no conclusions about his motivation and it could suggest that he was directed by the White House to hide it. McCone in that sense could be regarded to as a co-conspirator for the cover-up of JFK’s assassination.

Oscar Ramiro

Oscar Ramiro 23 was sentenced to 25 years after shooting at the white house, initially, he was charged with the attempted assassination of President Barack Obama, but when he pleaded guilty to terrorism charges were dropped. His attorney told the press that the shooter suffered from depression and had a mistaken belief that the world was ending and he was left to kill Obama. At the time the president and first lady were in Australia and nobody was injured in the shooting. Witnesses reported that the Ramiro have told them that Obama was the anti-Christ who needed to be killed and at times he referred to him as the devil who needed to be taken care off.

The Secret Services discovered the gun in an abandoned car registered to Ortega-Hernandez. In this bizarre shooting event Ramiro shot several shots at the White House, then crashed his Honda Accord on Constitution Avenue and fled. He was photographed aboard a freight train in West Virginia days later. Oscar Ramiro Ortega Hernandez’s intent was to kill the president as punishment for continuing to criminalize the use of marijuana.