World News Scandals

Even the royal family have hit world news and the heir to the throne in England sure has been part of lurid news stories. It was NOTW who caused a firestorm in 2003 by printing an article questioning the sexuality of Prince Charles. This was an allegation made by past palace servant that the prince was bisexual, Charles did release a statement, but never took legal action, which could be understood as it would only add to the fire.

prince harry

He also shocked England and the rest of the world when his private call to his mistress was recorded, his words made even the Queen blush, he told Camilla Parker Bowles he longed to be her tampon, this was in 1992 and he was still married to the world’s most beloved princess Diana.

Prince Harry

Following in his father’s footsteps as far as hitting world news, Prince Harry was more than upset when NOTW published a video of him taken during a Cyprus training exercise in 2006.This video was globally published only years later in 2009 and shows the prince using racial language plus mocking Queen Elizabeth. As if not bad enough the video went on to set a traffic record and the site was finally forced to issue and apology.

Sarah Payne

The abduction and murder of Sarah Payne shocked the world, this eight-year-old girl’s story was published in 2000. The story had an emotional impact on the world and the paper spearheaded a campaign to protect children by creating a Sarah’s Law. To protect children from sex offenders the newspaper went a bit far, some would say and printed names of alleged pedophiles. It incited outrage from readers and many of the names published ended up being cases of mistaken identity and the people whose names were on the published list was threatened and terrorized.

Max Mosley

Max Mosley had his day in court and got a settlement of $92,000 for damages caused by a news article and secretly filmed video was released, showing him involved in Nazi roleplay, he did this allegedly in the company of five prostitutes. Mosley was furious and took legal action and went to Britain’s High court which ruled in his favor and agreed that it was a breach of his privacy, but could money really wipe what was seen by the world we wonder.

Max Mosley

While some would call it brilliant news reporting others will definitely disagree, news reporter Mazher Mahmood continuously posed as a sheik to get closer to his subjects and ultimately expose them. This got him the title as the most infamous undercover reporter in Britain, the fake sheik did expose over 250 people and politician David Mellor was one of them, his affair with actress Antonia de Sancha made world news.

When you have a history of troubles and still shock the world you could only be Kate Moss, this international model sued the newspaper, after an article was printed about her participation come in an orgy that was part of her 34th birthday celebration. The newspaper had to issue an apology about also claiming she was 3 months pregnant. But she was back in the news shortly after, this time, she collapsed on the floor of an adult store in New York, but only after she purchased nine sex toys.